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Jarrah is an amber coloured honey with a full-bodied nutty malt flavour.  Jarrah honey is considered a prized honey amongst beekeepers as the forests that it comes from dwindle in size from dieback and clearing.  Delicious in all cuisine, Jarrah honey is not only smooth on the palate but has amazing healing abilities.

Flowering just every two years, the cream-coloured Jarrah blossom yields a rich medium to dark amber coloured honey that is lower in glucose than other honey varieties, with a deep and complex flavour.

Amazing benefits and uses of Jarrah honey

Jarrah honey is delicious

*There is nothing quite like Jarrah honey, which is the best around the world. We don’t think there are many other great-tasting honeys out there.

Low Glycemic Index (GI):

*Jarrah honey has lower glucose levels than any other honey (it has more fructose) and therefore can be suitable, in moderation, for diabetics (consult your doctor first). For this reason, Jarrah honey also takes longer to crystallize than other honeys that are generally higher in glucose.

Wound healing:

* Apply Jarrah honey directly on the wounds to help them heal. It is best to apply it daily, as it helps relieve burns, including sunburn.

Sore throat:

* Gargling with Jarrah honey helps relieve sore throat pain

Treating ulcers and bad breath:

*Jarrah honey helps fight stomach bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) that causes ulcers and bad breath

Oral ulcers:

* Wrap a teaspoon of Jarrah honey around the mouth and keep it in the mouth for as long as possible to treat mouth ulcers

. *Mouth sores often occur after chemotherapy and can be very painful and uncomfortable. Jarrah honey is especially beneficial for children who suffer from these sores.

Hydrogen peroxide (contained in honey is completely natural and harmless to human tissues and intestinal lining) provides Jarrah honey with its potent, healing and antimicrobial properties.

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