From The Forest of Western Australia

Jarrah Trees

100% Natural Honey (Raw)

Jarrah Honey

We are an Emarati company based in the UAE. We are the honey distributor under the name AL JARRAH E -TR LLC.
At Al Jarrah Honey we are committed to making honey that is raw, organic and served in its purest form, with as little human interaction as possible. The way nature intended.
With some of the most beautiful and untouched forests in the world right in Western Australia, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to create some of Australia’s most sought-after honey.
Al Jarrah honey is antibacterial and antifungal. The antimicrobial activity of Jarrah honey is derived via natural enzymes in the honey. While the antimicrobial and healing effects of honey have been known for thousands of years, Jarrah honey has become increasingly popular for its medicinal properties, low glucose levels, and high antimicrobial activity.

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Al Jarrah is famous name.

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